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Your assets, your home and other property are the rewards of your hard work and smart investment. Our firm helps you secure and enjoy them now and pass them along to your loved ones in the future.

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A law firm rooted in Cartersville, serving Bartow County and surrounding areas

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A Local Firm That Knows The Local Landscape

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a home, buy or sell a commercial property, or develop an entire area, it’s important to work with the right law firm. In Bartow County, the firm to call is Trotter Deems & King LLC. Our decades-long connection to this area gives us an insider’s perspective on the real estate market, evolving trends and potential legal issues.

We are ready to provide nearly any real estate transactional service you may need, with a focus on saving you money and avoiding legal problems. But should problems arise, we are also ready to vigorously represent your interests in real estate litigation.

Helping You Invest In Your Family’s Future

No matter how large or modest you believe your estate to be, you deserve to enjoy it now and to pass it along to your loved ones on your own terms. Our caring, attentive attorneys can help you make the most of your assets through the strategic use of wills, trusts and other estate planning instruments. We can also help you prepare for any late-life contingencies you may face medically, financially or otherwise.

Similarly, if a loved one has left you in charge of their estate, our firm is here to guide you as smoothly as possible through the complex processes of probate and estate administration. During a time of grief and family hardship, let us take care of legal details so you can focus on more important matters.

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Photo of Carrie P. Trotter and Jessica A. King.

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